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L2 Darknick
XP Rate: 1000 SP Rate: 1000 Adena Rate: 2000 Max Enchant: 18

L2 Darknick


  2019-07-24 10:07:24    L2OFF
EGN Lineage II
XP Rate: 25 SP Rate: 25 Adena Rate: 20 Max Enchant: 23

L2OFF 25x Gracia Epilogue. Free to play and no donations. Botting Allowed. Bots free on forum. Auto pickup. Auto Learn Skills. Free class changes. Grocer NPCs sell Spiritshots, Soulshots, free one hour buff scrolls. No MP potions, custom GM Shops. Visit...


  2014-01-30 20:55:30    L2J
H5 Interlude.com
XP Rate: 1000 SP Rate: 1000 Adena Rate: 1 Max Enchant: 16

We are glad to present you our server! This Server is made for all these players that love Interlude features! We do love it as well, but we strongly believe that the Interlude client is far less enjoyable than High Five (Freya) one. That is why we...


  2015-01-06 18:15:07    L2J
XP Rate: 4000 SP Rate: 4000 Adena Rate: 8000 Max Enchant: 135

Highly modified GMShop Pamela Global Teleporter Paola Normal Npc Buffer Kalomoira Scheme Npc Buffer Andromahi Class manager Maraki PKKiller KirManolis NPCStatus Anastasia Wedding Manager PapaRizou Dances,Songs,Buffs more than four hours Safe Enchant 8...


  2018-01-29 18:41:13    L2J
XP Rate: 9999 SP Rate: 1 Adena Rate: 1 Max Enchant: 16

Interlude Stable Server Custom Items Event Everyday Massive PVP Olympiad Battles Castle Sieges Clans vs Clans


beyond world

Our site httpsbeyond.lt Hello stranger Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time Beyond World launched its first Lineage II server in 2006. Its one of the oldest, and most famous Lineage II servers in Lithuania. We had...


L2 Vehiron is based on L2Pride source.Our team has changed and reworked most features including Farm zones, NPCs, Community board and most importantly balance between classes. In particular, we have created new skills for weak classes like Shillien Saint...


RATES Experience - x10 Skill points - x10 Adena - x7 Drop - x5 Spoil x8 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled except bosses Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson Located in every Town All...


The Open Beta server opens its gates to the entire community . The goal is to test everything before we start server live. Bring your friends and test everything inside.


Our main goal is to run a Server that will be here to meet your needs. NPCs have fair and necessary custom, "no more, no less." You'll be able to enjoy the Quest, "suffering" to get a set or one best weapon to fight monsters or stronger raids and/or...

L2 Narcos

L2 Narcos Staff Challenge you to join this new interlude pvp server with unique features If you think you can become the Legend of our server then you belong here


Welcome to L2Pleasure A private Lineage II server, designed to maximize character potential and gameplay experience. L2Pleasure can be played with the Gracia Final client. You can expect balanced classes and skills as well as a smooth game progression.


VoteZone.eu is the newest games toplist with many new functions. You can search for servers / sites and look into them.