High Five

Lineage 2 Private Server High Five

  2014-01-30 20:55:30    L2J
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H5 Interlude.com
XP Rate: 1000 SP Rate: 1000 Adena Rate: 1 Max Enchant: 16

We are glad to present you our server! This Server is made for all these players that love Interlude features! We do love it as well, but we strongly believe that the Interlude client is far less enjoyable than High Five (Freya) one. That is why we...


  2016-02-25 09:44:44    L2J
L2 Airia 25x HighFive
XP Rate: 1000 SP Rate: 1000 Adena Rate: 1 Max Enchant: 16


  2018-01-25 13:31:20    L2OFF
beyond world
XP Rate: x3 SP Rate: x3 Adena Rate: x3 Max Enchant: 16

Our site httpsbeyond.lt Hello stranger Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time Beyond World launched its first Lineage II server in 2006. Its one of the oldest, and most famous Lineage II servers in Lithuania. We had...


  2018-02-13 23:53:13    L2OFF
XP Rate: 10 SP Rate: 10 Adena Rate: 7 Max Enchant: 16

RATES Experience - x10 Skill points - x10 Adena - x7 Drop - x5 Spoil x8 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled except bosses Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson Located in every Town All...


  2015-01-28 00:02:24    L2J
XP Rate: 1000 SP Rate: 1000 Adena Rate: 1 Max Enchant: 16

The Open Beta server opens its gates to the entire community . The goal is to test everything before we start server live. Bring your friends and test everything inside.


Lineage 2 Ghostwire

Server Name Lineage 2 Ghostwire Server Type Faction Faction System There are 3 factions Mystics, Guardians and Chaotincs. In order to join one faction you can use their command .joinMystic .joinGuardian .joinChaotic Rates XP Rate x10 SP Rate x10...

Lineage 2 Spectre

 Hello Dear Guest ! We are happy to see you here since this page its made for you! As you understand this page have informations about server If you need more informations you can ask them via skype "spectre.jacob" without quotes. Lets take a...

Lineage2 Avalon

Ahoj zapnuly jsme noví server pokud budete chtít tak si přidte k nám zahrát Lineage2 Avalon 10x Rate výtame každého tak neváhejte a přijdte Hello We turned on the new server, so if you want to add to our game Lineage2 Avalon 10x Rate dialing everyone so...


[New High Five Server] EXP/SP: x7 / Adena: x5 | Multiply boxes - 3 | Profesional L2J emulator | No bugs | No lags | No global buffers | Balanced IG Donate shop with NO GEAR! | Automatic Events | Together with the Admin team we would like to invite all...

L2 Polaris

RATES Exp x7 Sp x7 Adena x7 Drop x7 Quest exp x5 Quest sp x5 Quest adena x7 Quest reward x1 Spoil x5 Manor x5 Weight limit x3 Extract Fish x1 Server time 2 GTM Safe Enchant 3 Max. Enchant 16 Normal Scroll chance 65 Blessed Scroll chance 75 Auto learn...


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