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L2Classic-World - THE BEST PVP and PVE SERVERS LINEAGE 2. WE ARE PROUD OF THEM - THE BEST L2 PVE SYSTEM. HIGH ONLINE. MONEY TOURNAMENTS. STABLE WORK 247. FULL LOCALIZATION OF CHRONICLE. New international project of classic c6 version Lineage II Created by pro-gamers special for our players. We have not custom items and other handmade - all the content is official, but may be rebalanced. Our project have next specifications Unique Server RB - on the peace zone quest for nobless possible to Unknown solo-bosses dispersed of all locations - find them All elite clan halls - works, have their bosses and features Upgrade Life Stone any level Various boxes of luck can be obtained by game Unique system for failed craft - you get compensation Unique clan system - get CRP from bosses and other features Unique system for epic accessorys Shadow A-grade weapon help you up Special drop from treasure box Rebalanced olympiad system Compensation of donate at reopen server Maximum comfortable for playing And many-many others

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