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L2Divine Good Vs Evil

Server Description:
Server is Good VS Evills (Fuction) There are two factions team's. Adena can be earned by killing other faction members or captured flags - Every player can rechose his faction on faction manager - We have faction points system - Faction Points can be received in many ways too - pvp, ctf,TVT,OLY! - Phoenix Event Engine With 15 Events - Captured Flag - Custom Reward From PvP + increase Bonus - Custom Java Gatekeeper - Unique Buffer With All Buffs - Balance Login For the teams - Round top killer - Community Board with best player + points kills death's "online /offline status" - Siage Hero System Enable - Hero status till death every 9 pvp kills without death. - PvP Enchant System - Gained Enchant From PvP - Custom Reward From Owned Castle Custom Features : - Kino Event - Chaos Event - ChangePassword - Casino Manager - Fight Club [Disable for now] - Killing Spre System - Custom Welcome Pm - Spawn Protect System + Effect - Clan Manager For 8 LvL Clan Or Clan System from Capruted flags. - Nobless Manager - Custom Tittles : Kills : 0 Protection against box killing - Protection kill /same player/clan/ally/ip/ - Upon dying doesn't remove buffs - And Much More Have fun (L2Divine Gve)

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