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Lineage 2 Ghostwire

Server Description:
Server Name Lineage 2 Ghostwire Server Type Faction Faction System There are 3 factions Mystics, Guardians and Chaotincs. In order to join one faction you can use their command .joinMystic .joinGuardian .joinChaotic Rates XP Rate x10 SP Rate x10 AdenaDropSpoil x1 Starting Level 76 Max Level 90 Items Info All items can be traded, even if they are augmented. There are 8 tiers of weapons Tier 1 A Grade Tier 2 S Grade Tier 3 Dynasty Tier 4 Icarus Tier 5 Vesper Tier 6 Triumph Tier 7 Hight 1 Tier 8 Hight 2 Also there are 9 tiers of armors Tier 1 A Grade Tier 2 S Grade Tier 3 Dynasty Tier 4 Enchanted Dynasty Tier 5 Moirai Tier 6 Vesper Tier 7 Vesper Noble Tier 8 Vorpal Tier 9 Elegia And tiers 8 of jewels Tier 1 A Grade Tier 2 S Grade Tier 3 Boss Tier 4 Dynasty Tier 5 Moirai Tier 6 Vesper Tier 7 Vorpal Tier 8 Elegia Also there are many items that will boost the players stats, like accessories, belts etc etc. Cloaks Slot is always open. Removed the most items restriction. Chat System Trade Chat needs 50 PvPs to be used and has a reuse cool down of 120 seconds, while All Chat needs 1000 PvPs and has a reuse cool down of 20 seconds, finally Hero Chat has a reuse delay of 10 seconds. General Info PvP count will increase from kills inside an Arena and in Siege. Autoloot is enabled. Expertise Penalty is disabled. Skills are learnt automatically, but forgotten skills can be only bought from the shop. ShiftClick on monsters and players is enabled to check dropsstats. Weight Limit Disabled. Cruma level restriction Disabled. Free teleport up to level 99. No ShotsArrows consumption. Clans and Alliances Clan starting level 5 Max clans in an ally 2 Augment and Enchant Info Safe Enchant 10 Max Enchant 24 Enchant rates are changing from enchant level to enchant level. Enchant rate is sent via pm at the player. Augmentations rates are the default. Community Board AltB to access it. BufferGm ShopCustom Shop Gatekeeper and various serversplayers information can be found there. Cant be used will fighting. Enchant Manager. Class Manager. Event Manager. Generally most of the NPCs can be found there. Siege Every week. Olympiad Heroes every 14 days. Starting Time 1800 Ending Time 2000 Buffs Max Buffs 24 Max Dances and Songs 12 Max Debuffs 3 Max Trigger Buffs 12 Buffs from community board 2 Hours Normal buffs time Default Events Pc Bang Points points are added at the player randomly when he is online, with these points some items can be bought. Achievement System. Fight Club 1v1 fights with bet. Random Boss Event spawns randomly a raid boss every 3 hours. Capture The Flag CtF. Team VS Team TvT. Quiz Event. Second Raid Event every day at 0000 a raid boss will be spawned randomly in the world. Last Hero LH. Korean Style. Hitman Event wanna have someone get killed then this event is for you. Referral System. There is also implemented a custom system that gives the ability to GMs to create custom events when they are online. Commands .control - Characters control panel .exp - Shows the EXP needed for the next level .help - Shows info about commands .stats .statistics - Shows your characters stats. .res - Used to ressuract you character at the same location, needs 4 Event Medals. .lockip .lockhwid - Account protection commands .online - Shows online players count .joinMystic .joinGuardian .joinChaotic - Faction system commands. .gotoleader - Used to teleport the character at the party leader, needs 4 Event Medals. .ref - Referral system command .noble on .noble off - Used to grand noblesses statue at the character, needs 4 Event Medals.

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