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RATES Experience - x10 Skill points - x10 Adena - x7 Drop - x5 Spoil x8 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled except bosses Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson Located in every Town All Raids, Olympiads, Sieges, Territory wars will continue as original gameplay was intended Offline Store can be made via command .offlineshop there are no specific regions Auto potions enabled for elixirs, all known HP potions There are no Mana potions, you can use Toggle Mana regen Community Board will be popped up every time you login Subclass, Noblesse can only be achieved by quest Buff slots 2412 Skills must be learned GLOBAL Seven Signs Event - 2 week cycle shall begin on 5th March might change Grand Olympiad - 1 month cycle shall begin on 5th March might change Siege and Territory Wars - 2 week cycle, first siege on 11 March might change Re spawn world Raids - 128 Rand. Hellbound accessible from launch RAIDS All epics shall be dead from the G.O. Queent Ant 24 hours - 2 Hours Orfen 36 hours - 2 Hours Core 36 hours - 2 Hours Baium 5 days - 2 Hours Antharas 11 days entrance does not have limitation Valakas 11 days entrance does not have limitation Tiat 27-45 characters Zaken night 27-72 Grand Opening 1st March 2018

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