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Server information: Technical specs: ■ Server location: Europe (tested and confirmed to be working fine in other continents such as the USA and Asia) ■ Anti DDOS protection ■ CPU: Intel Xeon E5 v2 3.70 Ghz ■ RAM: 64GB ■ Speed: 1 GBIT Game server specs: ■ Community driven server ■ International administration (Italian, American, Romanian and Lithuanian) provide 24/7 support and taking care of the server ■ EXP/SP: 5x ■ Adena: 5x (1x chance) ■ Raid drops: 1x ■ Spoil rates: 5x ■ Free offline shop (1 allowed) ■ 2 simultaneous accounts allowed ■ Traveler's weapons (no grade and D grade) ■ Shadow items for new players (D, C and B) ■ (un)Lockable exp ■ All retail features ■ Anti-botting protection ■ First and Second Profession change NPC for the in game currency - adena (optional) ■ Weekly events (Double exp/ sp happy hours, give aways etc.for more info- visit our forums) ■ Donations provide only cosmetic benefits ■ 24/7 player support ■ 99.9% uptime Things that will never exist: ■ Custom NPC buffer ■ GM shop ■ Pay to win items ■ Donation items ■ Donation currency