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Server information: Technical specs: ■ Server location: Europe (tested and confirmed to be working fine in other continents such as the USA and Asia) ■ Anti DDOS protection ■ CPU: Intel Xeon E5 v2 3.70 Ghz ■ RAM: 64GB ■...

L2 Vilya 10x stack sub server

Lineage 2 Freya Stack sub server - Great Gameplay Experience - Dualbox allowed - Frequently updated server - Offline shop - No lag - Vitality system - Autolearn skills - Unusual events - Friendly staff :)


First L2 Interlude 1x server with integrated bitcoin exchange. You can sell or buy adenas for bitcoin from other people on exchange asgardas.com

https://www.facebook.com/Asgardas-brothers-326821731273811     https://twitter.com/AsgardasB                
EGN Lineage II

L2OFF 25x Gracia Epilogue. Free to play and no donations. Botting Allowed. Bots free on forum. Auto pickup. Auto Learn Skills. Free class changes. Grocer NPCs sell Spiritshots, Soulshots, free one hour buff scrolls. No MP potions, custom GM Shops. Visit...


Many more download files have been added, please see our download site http://lineage2.org.uk/download_cats.php to get what you need. We are open for any suggestions. If you think you have files that would be beneficial for all community, you can submit...

L2Divine Good Vs Evil

Server is Good VS Evills (Fuction) There are two factions team's. Adena can be earned by killing other faction members or captured flags - Every player can rechose his faction on faction manager - We have faction points system - Faction Points can be...


XP:5000 SP:5000 ADENA:5000 PARTY XP:5000 PARTY SP:5000 PARTY ADENA:5000 *Enhant Rate* Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll: 85% Blessed Scroll:90% Crystall Scroll:100% Augement Rate:20 *Raid Boss* Drop:crystall wep s Drop:...

L2-Excess Custom pvp

L2-Excess custom pvp server, custom items, easy farm, custom boses, custom zones, balanced pvp and more!


Welcome and enjoy ur stay www.l2allstars.com/ facebook.com/l2allstars MID RATE SERVER! Full Interlude Gameplay no custom items no custom farm area Hero Month Castle Siege weekly Olympiad system Official GM Shop (D) to (S) Buffer Special 28+4 Global Gk...


Welcome to L][ Vigilante Custom. Rate Experience Points = x1000 Rate Skill Points = x1000 Rate Adena = x1000 Drop Item Crafter = x1 Safe Enchant = 5 Max Enchant Weapon = 50 Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = 50 Scroll Enchant = 85% Blessed Enchant = 85%...

L2 Summit

Climatic mid rate IL server, working geodata and all standard features, custom events.


Server Rates # XP Rate: 3000x # Adena: 3000x # Safe Enchant: +4 # Max Enchant: +20 # Normal Scroll: 75% # Blessed Scroll: 100% # Crystal Scroll: 100% # Normal and Bless Scroll max: +16 # Crystal Scroll Max: +20 Other & Custom Systems # New character...


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