2016-08-02 08:02:48    L2J
#81 Category: High Five  High Five

[New High Five Server] EXP/SP: x7 / Adena: x5 | Multiply boxes - 3 | Profesional L2J emulator | No bugs | No lags | No global buffers | Balanced IG Donate shop with NO GEAR! | Automatic Events | Together with the Admin team we would like to invite all...

L2 Polaris

RATES Exp x7 Sp x7 Adena x7 Drop x7 Quest exp x5 Quest sp x5 Quest adena x7 Quest reward x1 Spoil x5 Manor x5 Weight limit x3 Extract Fish x1 Server time 2 GTM Safe Enchant 3 Max. Enchant 16 Normal Scroll chance 65 Blessed Scroll chance 75 Auto learn...


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